The Witness of Marriage

I attended a Mom’s retreat not that long ago at Elizabeth Ministry Retreat and Resource Center. On the first evening, shortly after we arrived, the other women and I gathered around in a circle to talk, share, and learn more about one another. I found myself becoming amazed at the powerful stories that came out as the women shared more about their journeys and their lives. I was also surprised at the many women who shared how amazing their husbands were. Many of the women shared a story of a difficulty they experienced and how the love and support from their husbands helped them make it through and helped them understand the love that God has for them, as witnessed to them very tangibly by their husbands.

Before the retreat, I was aware of the amazing person my husband is and was thankful for the strong marriage we have, but I thought that what we had was extremely rare. After the retreat, I am questioning this perception. Popular culture likes to portray “the war between the sexes” and likes to pit men’s needs and women’s needs against one another. Of course there are the numerous divorces that occur in our culture, and we are probably all aware of someone who struggles in their marriage. Knowing this, I am often somewhat hesitant to share how good I have it because I don’t want to hurt anyone (and I imagine it to be nearly everyone) who is struggling. But now I wonder if there are many more healthy and striving marriages than I was initially aware. I also wonder if we should be so reluctant to share our spouses’ strengths with others. Marriage is, after all, supposed to be an image of the Trinity to the world, and how inspiring it was for me to see that image alive and well in the many women gathered that evening.

How about you? Are you grateful for your spouse? Would you like to share how your spouse’s love and support have helped you through rough times? Lastly, have you shared your profound appreciation with your spouse?

Written By: AprilĀ