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The Ahaba Marriage Meter app has been temporarily removed from The App Store while we work on updates. Exciting things are ahead! While those who have already downloaded the app will be able to continue to use it, it is not presently available for new users. Don’t worry. It’ll be worth the wait.

Is Ahaba Marriage Meter available for Android?

Presently, the app is only available for Apple mobile devices, but an Android version is currently in development. Follow us @AhabaApp on Twiiter or like on us on Facebook to get updates on new developments.

How do I share my daily entry  with my significant other?

You will have the ability to share your information quickly to your significant other’s email from the Summary Screen, either after finishing the honoring section or manually pressing the “Summary” button from the section screen:

1.     Once in the ‘Summary’ screen, click the send icon, found in the top left corner

a.       If your spouse’s email is set up as the default in the Settings, it will automatically populate with his email and you will just press send.

b.      If the default email is not setup, simply type in your spouse’s email address and send.

2.      After sending you will be redirected to the calendar screen

Is there a way to sync my significant other’s information on my device?

Yes, this is a very simple export/import process.

 From the device you have the most updated information:

1.      Go to Settings

2.      Go to Export

3.      Choose Email a Backup (select the appropriate user who will be importing the data to their device)

 From device you want the data to sync to:

1.      Access the Ahaba MM Export email

2.      In the email, scroll to the bottom and click and hold the “Ahaba MM Backup.csv”

3.      Choose, “Open in Ahaba MM”

a.       If you don’t have this option available, this indicates you do not have the application on this device. Go to the Apple store to download Ahaba Marriage Meter application

4.      After choosing to open in Ahaba Marriage Meter, all of the information will automatically update into this device

How do I send my information to my NFP Instructor?

Sending your information to your trainer will be extremely easy. Below are the following steps:

1.      Go to Settings

2.      Go to Export

3.      Choose “Email Data to Trainer”

4.      Enter the appropriate email and press Send

a.       This attaches a .csv file with only the information relevant to your trainer (e.g., mucus and cycle stamp, marital embrace and date). Your instructor will NOT see your daily moods, experiences, ways of honoring (other than marital embrace), and intent of marital embrace.

As a trainer, how do I view my trainee’s information cycle information? All I see is numbers in the file they sent to me.

To protect the user’s information, the data is coded in a way to protect the integrity of this very intimate and personal information. As a trainer, follow the steps below:

1. Once a client has emailed her csv file to you, you will need to download the file.

2. Once downloaded, Go to:

3. If it is your first time using the Ahaba dashboard, you will need to click ‘register’ and sign up for an account.

4. Sign in with username (email address) and password.

5. If you have not viewed your client’s chart using the Ahaba dashboard before, you will need to type in the Client ID number and click “Add Client”. Once the Client has been added, you can click on the client listed under ‘Your Clients.’

6. Upload the csv file and and you can see your client’s chart. When clients send an updated chart to you, you can upload the most recent csv file and view the updated chart. The new file will replace the old.

For each of your clients, you can assign them a client ID and click ‘add client’. You can have all your clients listed and be able to easily see each chart.

What is the “I” icon at the top of every screen?

This is the “information” icon that gives you instructions for each screen. We would like to draw particular attention to the “I” icon at the top of the Honoring screen. If you click on the “I” icon in this screen, you will receive information regarding the physical and relational needs of the woman in relation to the phases of her cycle. Both partners will also receive suggestions on ways to honor themselves and their spouse during each of the phases. Also, the user can connect with us by going directly to our website, our Facebook page, or our YouTube or Twitter accounts from the “I” screens.

What is Natural Family Planning (NFP) and why is it part of a marriage communication tool?

Natural Family Planning is a natural way to plan family size based on an awareness of naturally occurring signs in a woman’s body that indicate fertility or infertility. Though many people confuse NFP with the Rhythm Method, NFP is more scientific and precise, with a 97-99% method effectiveness. Furthermore, NFP can be used by women throughout their reproductive lives, including women who have irregular cycles, women who are postpartum or breastfeeding, women with gynecological health issues, women in premenopause, and women coming off of artificial contraception.

In order to share why we have integrated NFP into the app, I’d like to first share a story with you.  Around 10 years ago, I heard the name ‘Jeannie Hannemann’ for the first time. A friend of mine was recounting to me what she had heard from attending one of Jeannie’s talks. I was single and not seeing anyone or even thinking about marriage, yet hearing her talk about what she had learned about the beauty of woman’s menstrual cycle and the ways we can honor each phase of it, stirred something inside me. Before then I had only heard of my cycle being spoken of in disparaging terms. Menstruation was the monthly curse, and I was mostly unaware of the other parts of the fertility cycle. From Jeannie, my friend learned that women who are menstruating often feel pulled inward and have a great interest in reflection and meditation. This is how God has created us and we should give honor to ourselves and to God by getting more rest, taking time to meditate, and clearing our schedules of unnecessary engagements. Parents could honor their teen daughters and husbands their wives, by picking up some of her chores so she has this time of retreat and rest. I learned about the time of fertility being a time of great energy and creativity. Even though I was single and not in a position to conceive a child,  God still gave me a time of fertility each month. I learned that just as women are more attracted to men and want to be generous and giving during ovulation, this was true also in our prayer-life. I could be generous with God and open to conceive the new life of grace that He wishes to lavish on all of us. I learned I  needed to use this time of energy and creativity in positive ways, so that it did not come out in hurtful ways. I learned much about my cycle that day and the beauty of my femininity. Immediately, I wanted to be able to learn NFP, not for reasons of birth control, but so that I could understand and give honor to my body. I remember being grateful for my time of menstruation for the first time, because I now had the understanding of using it for rest and private prayer. I remember trying to figure out when I was ovulating so that I could make a conscious decision to pursue my creative talents and, with intent, to be generous and open to others. I remember I also yearned for this dignified and empowering understanding of femininity to be shared with the world.

Those who use Natural Family Planning often rightly assert that it is more than just a natural method of birth control. It is a lifestyle, a way of communication with one’s spouse, a tool for understanding gynecologic health, and more. I think the Ahaba Marriage Meter has combined the practical methodology of a Natural Family Planning tracking tool, with the deeper vision of the beauty of femininity itself that is very much lacking in today’s world. Everywhere people are blind to God’s plan for male and female. Girls and women are being pressed into sex work at unprecedented rates because their very humanity has gone unnoticed. Women surgically alter their awe-inspiring body that God has given them because all they can see are its supposed flaws. Women choose to consume drugs and insert devices because they think their very femininity is nothing but a burden unfairly given.

With our Marriage Meter’s information screens explaining not only the physical aspects of each part of a woman’s cycle, but also her emotional and relational needs, I hope women will have an experience like I did ten years ago, when I first learned about the profound meaning of my body. I hope they will encounter their God-given dignity and hold their heads higher. I hope husbands will look at their wives with more tenderness, more understanding, and give them more honor, and, like Adam when meeting Eve, cry out in joy and thanksgiving to God for the beauty of His creation. This is my hope – to reach people who maybe never learned that they are wonderfully made. I hope to help married couples get butterflies in their stomach for the first time since they were dating as they discover each other again, as they encounter something in their spouse that they never knew existed before. We want couples to appreciate and honor the beautiful way that God created each of them, and to help them communicate with one another on these intimate issues, rather than suppressing or altering the natural functioning of either partner’s body. We feel that when couples begin by accepting and respecting one another as they are, a healthier relationship and a more solid love can bloom.

Why does the app ask users to record intent of marital embrace?

This is a way that couples can reflect on the meaning of their love-making. Intercourse is a way to renew the vows you made on your wedding day. It is a way of communicating that you still love your spouse, you still choose your spouse, you still want to be with spouse, and you recommit to be with one another through good times and bad, sickness and health, for richer and poorer, all the days of your lives. Is your love-making reflecting this? Maybe you’ve forgotten (or never knew) the true meaning of sex, of two people recommitting themselves to hold back nothing of themselves and of the celebration of the goodness of one another. Maybe couples find that their times of intercourse isn’t particularly loving or tender. Maybe their focus is solely on the pleasure of sex, and intercourse is never used to communicate their profound respect and honor for one another. Or perhaps the couple, or one partner is so focused on trying to conceive a child, that they do not allow themselves to relish the intimacy of being so close to one another. Perhaps the couple feels that somehow sex is wrong or “dirty” and they don’t allow themselves to let go and fully celebrate the connection they share. I could go on, but you get the point. If any of these reasons are the main reason the couple comes together, this might signal a relational problem. May your words and actions be loving and communicate how you cherish one another!

I don’t know Natural Family Planning (NFP). Can I still use Ahaba Marriage Meter?

Although there are information screens within the app clarifying the information in each part of Ahaba Marriage Meter, the information given on NFP is not designed to take the place of a trained NFP instructor. If you do not wish to learn or use Natural Family Planning, you may use the app to communicate other things to your spouse, such as your experiences, your moods, and your relational needs.