settingsAt our first meeting about two years ago, when the Ahaba Team gathered together to discuss our vision for an app, we came up with several ideas. One thing emerged though, and that was that we didn’t want to create just another fertility app. We wanted something more. We wanted an app that helped couples track their fertility; an app that educated couples on the relational part of a woman’s cycle; an app that offered suggestions on how couples can honor her relational needs; an app that contradicted society’s messages about how women need to diet, slim, plump, color, tan, etc in order to be worthy (but instead helped them realize how awesome they are as is); an app that helped couples communicate on a deeper level with one another by having the ability to share details of her day and fertility with her partner; and an app that helped couples fall more deeply in love. I know. We have lofty goals, but those are what we strive for. So we were wondering…are we accomplishing any of our goals? Are couples benefiting from Ahaba Marriage Meter?

So….if you use Ahaba Marriage Meter, we thought it’d be fun to offer a little quiz. Please answer in the comments, what do you love most about the Ahaba App.

  1. I like how it helps me track my fertility.
  2. I love the information I learned about myself/ my partner when I read about women’s relational needs.
  3. I love the suggestions on how I can honor myself/ my wife according to my/her needs in the different phases of the fertility cycle.
  4. It has increased my/ my wife’s self-esteem.
  5. It has increased my communication with my spouse.
  6. It has helped improved my marriage.