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The Meaning of the Logo


The pace of life today is often very fast. Many have busy schedules and it can be difficult to keep our priorities and make sure our relationships get our attention over the million and one things on our to-do lists. The logo has the image of a plant because we want to remind others (and ourselves) that the relationship with one’s spouse needs to be nourished. If the relationship is not nourished, like a plant that is not fed, it will die. We developed the Ahaba app to help couples communicate with one another on intimate issues and to help them honor one another with more intention. The plant image also reflects this. We want to remind couples to make their relationship a high priority. Make time for it!

The three hearts that bloom from the plant are meant to communicate the nature of love. Couples should ask themselves three questions: How do I want to show my love? How does my spouse want to be loved? How can I love according to God’s plan, which is to say, how can I love according to The One who is Love himself? Sometimes the ways in which we wish to show love, are not the ways that help the other feel loved. For example, parents often make numerous sacrifices for their kids and orient much of their lives around their children’s needs. Often, however, what helps the child feel loved is time spend with his or her parents and the interest that parents show in the child’s interests. If the child knows that what matters to him or her matters to the parent, this can build a strong connection. Or perhaps a husband communicates his love by doing things for his spouse, but what makes her feel loved is hearing her spouse tell her how much he loves her and appreciates her. On this point, The 5 Love Languages, can be helpful to couples in discovering how their loved ones like to receive love.

Couples also should consider if their love reflects the self-giving, and life-giving love of the Trinity. Many theologians have expressed that marital intimacy is meant to express in a bodily, tangible way the Love of God, and that marriage is meant to be an image of the Trinity itself. St Bonaventure explains the Trinity by saying that the Father completely pours Himself out in Love, begetting the Son. The Son completely receives the love of he Father, and pours himself out in love in return and together they breathe forth the Holy Spirit. Though this description sort of sounds like the Father existed first, then the Son, then the Holy Spirit, they are actually co-eternal, as there was never a time when the Father was not pouring Himself out in love, nor the Son and Holy Spirit. In regards to the married couple, the sex that they share is meant to be a renewal of their wedding vows, a completely giving of themselves and receiving of the other. It is supposed to be a celebration of the goodness and dignity of the spouse. If the love they share does not image the selfless, affirming, generous, and honoring love of the Trinity, then the couple should consider how their love can grow so that it becomes a clear image of Love.


The Great Marriage Challenge

The Alexander Family

The Alexander Family


Although the culture equates love with “feelings of intoxication”, making couples who have moved past the infatuation phase of their relationship feel as though they are no longer in love, it’s important to realize that love is more than a feeling. Love is a decision, and it is wanting what is best for the one loved. It is a new parent, who is sleep deprived and who might want nothing more than to stay in bed and get a full-night’s rest, but getting up at 2:00 am to attend to his or her child anyway. The parent doesn’t do this for the feelings of happiness that come from sleep deprivation. I know from experience that sleep deprivation often leads to crankiness! The parent does this because he or she places the needs of the child first. It is what love does. Of course I also know that sometimes what is best for my children is having a mother that has her own physical and emotional needs met as well! The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Everyone who is or has been married knows that sometimes marriage is difficult. We on the Ahaba team created our Marriage Meter because we wanted to give couples a tool that would help them have a phenomenal marriage. As great as we think our app is, we know that couples who are struggling might need something more than what is contained in the app. Thus, I’d like to give you another tool for a phenomenal marriage by telling you about The Great Marriage Challenge that is going on now.

Greg and Julie Alexander found themselves on the brink of divorce. In their words, they had everything except happiness.  After meeting with a priest, they learned more about the real beauty and meaning of marriage and in time, they were able  to restore their love for one another.  They now are founders of The Alexander House, a non-profit apostolate dedicated to proclaiming  the truth, goodness and beauty of marriage. They are presently touring the US, going from church to church, giving presentations and workshops for parishes. Even if you have a great marriage, we all need a tune-up once in awhile, and it helps to learn more about the mystery of this sacrament. Hearing the Alexanders speak might be a great way to give your marriage a boost. You can see if they are coming to you area by viewing their tour schedule here. http://thealexanderhouse.org/the-tours/

Link: http://thealexanderhouse.org/

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Cycle view coming soon!



The Ahaba Team has been working hard to make the app even better and we are excited to share with you the things we’ve been working on. I’m most excited about the ability to view by cycle day instead of the calendar date. This is something we’ve wanted all along but the implementation of something seemingly simple proved to be a bit of a challenge when it came to actually coding it. We’re so grateful for the hard work of our app developer who has worked so hard on this!

We’ve also been working on enhancements to the website. Have you seen in the Ahaba Marriage Meter “settings” the ability to export to a trainer? Soon, your NFP instructor will be able to create a free account on ahabaapp.com that will allow them to view all the necessary chart information they’ve received from their clients who use Ahaba. Right now the instructor would just see a bunch of numbers, but once the trainer dashboard is ready, they’ll be able to see your chart easily. They’ll have access to the information recorded in the “physical” section of the app and also the times of marital embrace, but they will not see the mood, experiences, honoring section, or intent of embrace. In short, if you choose to export your data to your NFP trainer, they will have the information that they’d normally see on a paper chart or spreadsheet, without the other information that is not necessary for an instructor to have access to. Though the instructor will need to provide their email to sign up, we value privacy very much and will never give or sell their email to anyone or use their email for promotional purposes.

Thirdly, if you would prefer to have the Ahaba Marriage Meter in Chinese, Japanese, Italian, or Spanish, you’ll be happy to know that we currently have people working on translating the app into these languages. Of course, we don’t want to limit the vision for Ahaba to only those who speak English, so we are happy to be able to share the app with speakers of other languages as well.

After we have added the ability to view by cycle, we’ll be adding a “male tab” so the man can share his moods and experiences too.  We’ve already begun working on how this will look and function. We have other things up our sleeves, but this is enough to keep us busy for now. Have you downloaded Ahaba Marriage Meter? Is there any changes you’d like to see or something that you think could make it better? We’d love to hear your ideas. Email us at ahabasupport[at]elizabethministry.com.

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Go Download Ahaba Marriage Meter!



Well folks, after much patience on your part, of which we are eternally grateful, I am very happy to announce that Ahaba MM is available for download on the app store. The team has worked hard, spending more than a year in development, to make an outstanding tool to help couples communicate on important issues. It paid off, I think, as the app was approved on the first submission, which we hear is rather rare. So congratulations to our awesome developer, Scott. Well, I won’t keep you. Go check it out. If you are downloading from your iPad, remember to search for Ahaba MM in the iPhone apps.

We hope you enjoy.

Trying to be Patient

Railroad watch

Well, the app has been complete for a little while now, but we are still working at getting the copyright and other necessary paperwork completed before it will be available to everyone. So although we are very excited to share Ahaba Marriage Meter with you all, we need to be patient just a little while longer. *sigh*

Of course we are still working on the future updates that I mentioned in the last post!

In the meantime, have you seen the tutorial on YouTube?

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Releasing soon!

Romantic Heart from Love Seeds

May 31st is just around the corner now, and, like most things, it will be here sooner than we expect it. Here are some things we are working on. The May 31st release date will be a “soft” release. The ability to store data in the iCloud will come a little later. However, from the beginning you will be able to store data on your physical Apple device and you will have the option of sending an automated email to your spouse to share the day’s information. As a tester, I’ve been using our Marriage Meter for some time, and I look forward to being able to send that daily email that notifies my husband how my day is going and what my relational needs are before I even see him. To me, this is a beautiful ability that lets couples share their inner worlds with one another without having to wait until the end of the day when they are able to have a real conversation without interruption. Also, I’ve noticed that the Marriage Meter doesn’t replace meaningful conversation, but actually encourages it. For example, if my spouse looks at Ahaba Marriage Meter and sees that I’ve had a hard day, when the moment is right he’ll ask if I want to talk, or perhaps he’ll be extra tender and loving. Whereas if he didn’t get this “heads up” from the Marriage Meter, he might forget to ask me about my day and, tired from the day’s activities, just go to sleep without having really connected. Or perhaps, I’ve had a great day and I’m feeling excited, my husband can look forward to hearing about the news, the insights, or the events that made my day great.

This brings me to my next bit of news. We are already working on an update that will allow the man to put in details of his day, his moods, and his relational needs as well. This will enable both partners to benefit from this “heads up” and be able to know things about their spouse even when they are apart. As always, our goal is to help spouses stay connected!

My most exciting news, that we haven’t released to the public until now is about our web service! We will be introducing our web services very soon after the release! The app can stand on its own, but for those interested in the web service, offered right here on Ahaba.com, they will see all of the analytics of their information entered into the application. They can view by week, month, year and cross-reference their metrics against one another to understand trends between the spouses, as well as charting trends. This service will also “auto-sync” any other device that they couple has Ahaba Marriage Meter on (e.g., smartphone or tablet) so all devices show the same information and continually update, regardless if they are using Apple and/or Android. We are trying to target an annual fee for the web service around $3.99-$4.99, but that may change more or less, depending on the actual costs to maintain this service.

Are you looking forward to the release? Please share with your friends! You can like us on Facebook and follow @AhabaApp on Twitter.

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Coming soon!

We are working hard to have Ahaba Marriage Meter available for iPhone and iPod Touch by May 31st! We are also working to have a beta version available for Android by May 31st as well. Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to receive regular updates.