winter landscape
It’s the word I would use to describe my thoughts and feelings this evening. I am feeling thankful. Thankful for a doting husband, thankful for a supportive family, near and far, thankful for forever friends and cheerful phone conversations, thankful for planned weekend getaways, thankful for the days getting longer and beautiful sunsets on the drive home.

 If you live anywhere in the Midwest, I believe we are in the “dead” of winter, and to me, it’s the hardest time of the year to be positive or optimistic about much in life, unless of course you were smart and fortunate enough to plan a nice trip somewhere much sunnier and warmer. So I guess that is why I am both surprised and captivated by my overwhelming feeling of gratitude.

 I’ve heard many times, “It’s the little things in life that add up to great things” and to me, that particular statement could not be more true. I work with people day in and day out to work on the little goals in their life that will get them going on their path to something brighter. In addition, I encourage people to be more aware of their blessings and accomplishments. It helps them and of course is a wonderful reminder and challenge for me. Yes, I am in a helping profession, but the irony is, the people I help every day, help me, too.

As a Wisconsin girl, I know I have a couple more months of cold weather to endure so I am going to work hard to hold onto the gratitude I feel tonight. I want my eyes to be more open as the ordinary things in life are truly extraordinary.

Written by Molly