Ahaba is a word from the Old Testament that expresses the experience of a love which involves a real discovery of another with care and concern. To discover and to be discovered is a deep yearning for all people. Yet instead, spouses often feel distant and misunderstood. So we developed Ahaba Marriage Meter to help spouses develop a truly enriching and deeply satisfying friendship.

We understand that each person is unique and complex. You can spend your whole life with someone and never discover all that there is to know about him or her. So if lovers have lost that “spark”, maybe it’s because they aren’t searching in the depths.

So why not jump out into the deep? Our logo is in the image of a plant to remind us that, like a plant, the spousal relationship needs to be nurtured in order to flourish. The three hearts that bloom from the plant are meant to communicate the nature of love. Couples should ask themselves three questions: How do I want to show my love? How does my spouse want to be loved? How can I love according to God’s plan, which is to say, how can I love according to The One who is Love himself? If the love they share does not image the selfless, affirming, generous, and honoring love of the Trinity, then the couple can consider how their love can grow so that it becomes a clear image of Love. We wanted to create an app that helps couples do this.

Women, did you know that when you are menstruating you may feel pulled inward and feel drawn toward solitary reflection? Or did you know that when you are in your fertile phase it would be a great time to plan projects as you are naturally bursting with creative energy? Men, did you know that you can honor your wife by picking up some of her chores when she is menstruating to give her more time for the rest that her body and spirit need? Don’t worry, when she is fertile she can return the favor as she has great energy and is naturally selfless and nurturing. With our Marriage Meter, you’ll learn all this and more in our info screens.

How does it work? With Ahaba Marriage Meter, the woman can record her physical signs, her relational needs, and ways you both have honored those needs. In Settings, the woman can put in her husband’s email and after she updates the app, she can share the daily summary with him of all that she recorded that day. In development is the ability for him to record updates about his day, so she can be in tune with him as well. In short, you notice your needs, you learn about your physical, emotional, and relational needs, then together you honor those needs. (Then you fall deeper in love).

Ahaba Marriage Meter: Honor yourself. Honor your spouse. Honor God’s plan for your marriage.